Not a Good Look

Butt Free Australia, 2010 ongoing

Not a Good Look is Butt Free Australia's national campaign to raise awareness about cigarette butt littering. The campaign was launched in March 2010 and continues to be a flagship for butt litter reduction campaigns across Australia.


The campaign's purpose is to raise awareness about the butt litter problem and create a sense among smokers that to drop butts on the ground (rather than smoking itself) is "not a good look".

Collaboration and partnerships

The campaign was conceived and project managed by Butt Free Australia, and continues under new arrangements with KESAB environmental solutions.

Many local councils support the campaign and use its materials, running local Not a Good Look media and community promotions.

Through promoting the generic Butt Free Toolkit and campaign partnership opportunities, Not a Good Look has been able to spread into a variety of sectors and demographics

Key messages

A strength of the campaign is the manner in which the key message "not a good look" is executed.

The message is delivered visually via video, photographs and web pages using simulated CCTV camera photographs of smokers flicking and tossing butts, eyes blacked out for more effect.

Typical of litter prevention messages, personal responsibility is at the forefront, however the added perspective of being seen behaving badly is a clever approach, and adds considerable weight to the message.

Telling people their behaviours are intrinsically bad seldom works for behaviour change, whereas presenting perspectives on how behaviour reflects on one can work. Research shows that smokers especially, who already feel persecuted about their habit, will not respond well to more 'persecution'.

Communication and implementation

Not a Good Look's primary communication avenues are a campaign website, social media pages, a community service announcement and campaign materials for third party use.

  • Website - This fronts the campaign, and is built to be highly interactive. Web visitors can order free personal ashtrays, download campaign material, submit images, take part in polls, leave comments and watch campaign videos. There are even email templates bearing the key message to send to others.
  • Community service announcement - The community service announcement video was produced in conjunction with Keep Australia Beautiful National. It reinforces the message that no matter which way you look at it, butt littering is not a good look, and reminds people to 'PLEASE BUTT IT, THEN BIN IT®'.
  • Outdoors - Outdoor advertising included of signage on trams, taxis and billboards.

Campaign links

Not a Good Look website
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