Poo Power!

Yarra Energy Foundation and Yarra City Council, Melbourne Australia, 2011-2012

Turning dog poo into a renewable resource

The aim of Poo Power! is to build an anaerobic methane digester to process dog waste (and other appropriate wastes) and create biogas for powering infrastructure in dog parks in the City of Yarra area.

Poo Power! is one of 63 recipients of Inspiring Australia's 'Unlocking Australia's Potential' program, with a $45,000 grant awarded to the Yarra Energy Foundation to turn dog poo from parks in the City of Yarra into renewable energy.


In the context of dog poo prevention programs, the Poo Power! idea is a consequence of success.

The more that dog owners do the right thing, the more dog poo there is in the waste management stream, and less that goes to landfill.

A vast resource

The City of Yarra's6,078 dogs generate over 750 tonnes of waste every year, around 150 tonnes of which is deposited in urban parks.

If all of this was diverted into a local anaerobic digester, an estimated 3800 litres of biogas could be produced for heating, lighting or electricity.

Engagement phase

The Innovation Australia grant will be used for the early development and community engagement stages of the project.

Community organisations, schools and groups in the City of Yarra will be able to take advantage of workshops and free public Poo Power! events beginning this summer (2012-2013).

Updates will be announced through the Yarra Energy Foundation's Facebook page, Twitter (#poopower) and the Poo Power! quarterly newsletter.

Alex Fearnside, CEO of the Yarra Energy Foundation, said, "This project has the potential to be groundbreaking, a whole lot of fun and will deliver value to the citizens in the City of Yarra, which is why YEF is involved."

More information

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