Get it Right on Bin Night

The Victorian Government's Get it Right on Bin Night campaign's website is a great example of good web communication.

Binning statistics

Research shows that our household rubbish bins are full of items that could have been recycled, equivalent to around 450,000 wheelie bins full of recycling material each week Victoria wide, 300,000 of them in metropolitan Melbourne.

All of this ends up in landfill of course.

An integrated campaign

Get it Right on Bin Night aims to help people improve their recycling habits and make a difference on the kerbside.

The campaign includes TV adverts, social media pages and an effective website.

The website is worth visiting as a case study in how to integrate important elements in behaviour change campaigning.

  • Accessible information - Knowledge imparted simply, visually and no more than needed.
  • Call to action - Web visitors are asked to take a pledge via tick boxes. The pledge models behaviour.
  • Interaction - There's an online quiz. By doing the quiz, you learn about the topic.
  • Connection - The website is complemented with a campaign presence on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

What do you think? Get it Right on Bin Night!