Don't Waste Yarra's Parks

Yarra City's Don't Waste Yarra's Parks program will see 22 of the municipality's parks get public place recycling bins and cages for the very first time. 30 x 120L bins will be installed across the parks thanks to a $204,230 grant from Sustainability Victoria.

The need for recycling infrastructure in Yarra's parks is particularly pressing, as rubbish bins from here are not sorted to separate the recyclables, while all street collections are. By giving residents the option to dispose responsibility, the program is expected to divert a significant amount of waste from landfill than at present.

Location location

Location studies will be carried out to ensure that the mix and orientation of recycling bins in relation to rubbish bins and pedestrian routes is optimal, along with litter counts to establish baselines and monitor the program.

The aim is to achieve significant diversion of recyclables from landfill. Anecdotal research suggests that a significant proportion of recyclables are likely to be pizza boxes and take-away containers.

To back up the program, a stencilled design will be painted on pathways at appropriate locations to announce the recycling bins.
A series of advertising posters and moveable stand-up signs will also be deployed, educating the public about the recycling facilities and how to use them.

Arrangements are also being made for media announcements, and placing information on the council's website. And of course, the local laws department is geared up to monitor how things are going as the public gets used to the new infrastructure.

Elements for success in parks

  • Enforcement - Local laws will pay special attention to littering behaviour in the parks with new recycling bins.
    Infrastructure - 30 recycling bins in cages deployed across 22 parks, appropriately positioned, signed and promoted.
    Education - Footpath stencils and media announcements at time of installation. Moveable advertising signs, and follow up promotions.

From litterALLY #27, June 2011