Good Clean Game

Sports clubs taking responsibility for waste

Twenty-five sports clubs in Yarra City are about to get the wherewithal to reduce waste going to landfill, and the responsibility that goes with it, in its Good Clean Game program.

At present, none of these grounds have recycling infrastructure, so 100% of the bottles, cans and boxes go on the ground or into general garbage, destined for landfill. Any spectator wanting to do the right thing would need to walk to a nearby park and use the recycling bins there. Most grounds also have a canteen, a prime source of litter and waste.

Lots of bins

With a grant of $64,740 from Sustainability Victoria, these sports grounds will become fully equipped with recycling infrastructure.

A total of 98 x 240L mobile recycling bins in lockable cages will be deployed across 15 sports grounds involving 25 individual clubs, giving patrons the option to dispose responsibly. Moveability is important, as the litter hotspots will be at different locations depending on the event or function.


A unique aspect of the program is how the educational component goes all the way, not just informing, but requiring and helping each club take responsibility for its waste management.

Waste and recycling collections happen at the sports ground's gate, so the sorting and collection practices used by the club's management, maintenance staff and canteen operators is critical. They are also the ones who will move the bins around as suits the occasion.

Formal frameworks

In association with the installation of new infrastructure, transfer of responsibility is being imbedded in a number of ways.

  • In consultation with clubs, an Education Kit will be produced which will help club operators understand the essentials of good waste management, and develop in-house processes for this.
  • Enforcement will become an option for the council, with waste management responsibility clauses being added to lease agreements.
  • Each club will appoint a liaison officer to be Yarra City's primary contact for implementing waste management practices, monitoring the performance of the new recycling bin system, and with regard to complying with lease agreements.

Elements for success

  • Enforcement - Waste management responsibility clauses in sports club lease agreements.
  • Infrastructure - 98 moveable recycling bins deployed across 25 sports clubs.
  • Education - Going beyond just providing information and guidance, the Good Clean Game's educational component is about skilling and empowering clubs to take on full responsibility for waste management on their grounds, including an Education Kit and appointment of club liaison officers.

From litterALLY #27, June 2011