DumpInData was created by Sustainability Victoria and the Victorian Litter Action Alliance to support Victorian land managers to collect, manage and share illegal dumping data – it is not a public reporting tool.

It provides Victorian land managers, for example Victorian councils, Parks Victoria, DELWP, and Melbourne Water, with:

  • A platform for collecting and managing illegal dumping data
  • Access to consolidated data to inform management of illegal dumping
  • Visualisation of data to view hotspots and their movement over time
  • A resource to evaluate illegal dumping programs and interventions, and
  • Information to assist in preparation of business cases to bid for funding / resources, or to conduct cost benefit analyses.

The webinar below provides an introduction to the resource, including: the history of it's development, it's purpose, the three components which make it, and information about gaining access. The webinar goes for approximately 45 minutes. 

If you are a Victorian land manager interested in using DumpInData, please contact the VLAA Litter Champion to obtain a copy of the Terms of Use, and to have user account created.