Charity store illegal dumping

This Litter Prevention Kit helps charity organisations work in partnership with councils to tackle illegal dumping at charity stores. It gives a snapshot of how and why people illegally dump at charity stores and it provides information, tools and templates to enable council officers and charity stores to put together measureable, evidence-based actions to prevent and manage this problem.

NSW EPA have produced a YouTube video ‘NSW EPA Donator or Dumper’ to help explain some of the challenges faced by the charity sector. The video also outlines actions we can all take to help.

Another resource which may be useful is Sustainability Victoria’s Best Practice Guide for Managing Litter and Illegal Dumping at Clothing Bins.

The Guide is a resource to assist in the siting, operation, management and removal of clothing bins on both public and private land. It is highly recommended that those looking to place a clothing bin, and land managers who allow them to be placed on their land, refer to this Guide to ensure that their model is consistent with best practice.