2017 VLAA Stakeholder Survey

VLAA surveys its key stakeholders every two years to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of VLAA, VLAA resources, and the VLAA Litter Champion program; and
  • Make recommendations to inform future priorities for VLAA.

 In 2017 the survey instrument was refreshed to ensure that the data being gathered was relevant and useful, with survey conducted between 27 April and 10 May 2017.

Overall, the 2017 Survey found that VLAA was playing an effective role in supporting and promoting litter prevention in Victoria. Breaking this down further, the survey found that VLAA:

  • Encouraged investment in litter prevention.
  • Considers the views and needs of its members.
  • Was effective at communicating litter prevention news and activities across Victoria.
  • Helps to Identify and monitor trends in litter prevention, and responds to emerging litter issues.
  • Helps to coordinate litter prevention activities between VLAA Reference Group members and other stakeholders.
  • Helps other litter prevention stakeholders to form collaborations.
  • Was effective in building the capability of litter prevention stakeholders.
  • VLAA resources were found to be used and valued by litter prevention stakeholders.

The VLAA Litter Champion was also found to be effective, responsive to requests, and valued as a knowledgeable central point of contact for stakeholders.

The 2017 Survey also found that Sustainability Victoria's role of hosting the VLAA Litter Champion is important and appropriate, and should continue, and that VLAA would benefit from closer alignment to Victorian State Government priorities, and a longer three to five-year planning cycle.