VLAA Litter Champion

In May 2002, the Victorian Litter Action Alliance appointed a 'litter champion' to achieve major improvements in the coordination and integration of best practice litter prevention across Victoria and to raise the profile of litter within Victoria. 

The concept arose from the 2001 EPA Victoria review of the statutory framework for litter, which examined whether the then Litter Act 1987 was meeting current needs. The review recommended the development of improved communication and promotion of best practice in litter reduction.

Subsequently, the Alliance agreed to fund a VLAA Litter Champion to develop a best practice litter prevention kit for the state. 

As the title suggests, the VLAA Litter Champion has a strong advocacy role and is essential in developing a capacity and capability building program for Alliance members, and litter managers across Victoria. The VLAA Litter Champion is proudly funded by Sustainability Victoria

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